Microcredit Foundation for Mothers

The foundation Microcredit for Mothers helps women in Asia to set up their own business through small loans, savings opportunities, vocational training courses and business and leadership training. The women thus increase their economic autonomy and independence and thus improve the quality of their lives and that of their families.



The organizational structure of Microcredit for Mothers is quite simple, the foundation consists of 100% volunteers. This group of volunteers annually increases. Everyone works unpaid and without expenses. We are working on the ground in Asia, together with local partners.


“We propose that the poorest women to manifest their own potential and strength.
This ensures growth in their confidence and self-reliance.
Achieve that together inspires us to do this for as many women ‘

Vision & approach

In the emerging economies, women are still the driving force in the economy, thanks to the new companies that they start at the micro level and their concern for the family system. We believe in female entrepreneurial and leadership at the poorest level. We help the poorest women in Asia who have no access to financial resources to undertake and are excluded from the financial institutions. Precisely stimulating economic activity for these women micro level brings sustainable development for themselves and their families.

Microcredit for Mothers
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